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West Sussex Trading Standards is committed to doing all it can to support business growth by helping small businesses get off the ground and established ones expand. It has partnered with the Chartered Institute of Trading Standards to provide a wide variety of online training courses that provide core skills for local businesses and their employees as well as offering Continuous Personal Professional Development (CPPD). 

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Why Should I Choose e-Learning?

It's value for money

Save time spent on travel and money spent on accommodation, by taking our courses online, either at home or in your workplace.

It helps you and your staff to develop the skills required in a modern workforce

Whether you are a business looking to train new staff; a potential employee eager to obtain more knowledge and new skills; or an aspiring manager; our online courses can help. They cover a wide range of business areas including manufacturing and healthcare.

It simplifies legislation and helps keeps your business legal

It is essential to trade legally. When it comes to due diligence, doing nothing simply is not a defence. Help your businesses stay compliant with a wide range of courses including the “Prevention of Underage Sales” and  “Storing and Selling Fireworks Safely and Legally”

It makes tracking progress easy and simple

The online courses are supported with electronic CPPD certificates making it easy for employers and employees to maintain good training records. This can be particularly useful where evidence of mandatory training is required.

It's engaging and interactive

The courses are designed to interest the learner and to check their understanding of key points with the use of quizzes and a variety of activities. Many courses are supported with a view demonstration function allowing the learner to sample a course before committing to it. 

It’s flexible and discreet

Not all students feel comfortable in a classroom environment nor do they find it easy to attend training course venues while balancing work and home life. These courses allow you to learn at your own pace and at a time to suit.

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